Sri Lanka Medical Mission

Sri Lanka Medical Mission


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Sri Lanka Nov 17th to 21st

In November the team of doctors of Smile Bangladesh are going to do a medical mission to Sri Lanka for Cleft Lip Repair.  I plan to be on that mission to document their work and I invite you to join me. Part of the time we’ll be part of the medical mission, part of the time we’ll be exploring.  If you have ever had the desire to get behind the scenes of a medical mission this is the trip.  It has been my way of giving back.  The team of will be on its 20th mission to help the neediest of children. The doctors plan to repair clefts and help correct the damage of burns from the war. 

We will be invited into the OR, the recovery rooms, local homes, schools and businesses.  We will take day trips to explore the many temples and beaches of the area.

After spending time with the doctors, we will travel back to Colombo by van to explore the northern end of the island on our way back to our departure.  The plan is to take 3 or 4 days in order for us to take our time to do many side trips off the main road.

Conditions and Waiver

Documenting medical missions has changed the way I see and has elevated my photography.

Price $4500       Deposit of $800

  • Group of 4 photographers plus 1 director  Bruce Byers
  • $500 of each trip fee will be donated to and is a tax write-off.