Can we go to Cuba? Yes!

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What’s happening with travel to Cuba?

We engage with the farmers, boxers, artist, dancers, restoration students and many other local Cubans to make their lives better.  Our photographs help them promote and improve their art and lives.

Camera Odysseys and Cuba

What you need to know. 


In June of 2019, the United States government enacted new travel restrictions for Americans going to Cuba. One of these restrictions has officially ended the “People to People” travel category, this has been how we have run our trips for the past 10 years. However, Americans are still allowed to go to Cuba with Camera Odysseys, because we qualify under a separate but similar approved travel category called “Support for the Cuban People.” Our trips have always focused solely on working with, interacting with and photographing with the local Cuban people.  

Now is the time to go. In the future, the United States government may revoke even more approved travel categories, making it impossible for most Americans to go to Cuba at all.

 Have questions about going to Cuba?

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Camera Odysseys has the connections and the friend in Cuba to make your trip a “Once in a Lifetime Adventure”. The saying. “You have to go now” is real.  We do not know what the future will bring for travel to Cuba or if we will be able to continue our support for our local Cuban friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel to Cuba

Is Camera Odysseys planning trips to Cuba in the future?

Yes! We meet the requirements for the approved travel category called “Support for the Cuban People” and are authorized to bring Americans to Cuba in the future.  We have a number of trips planned.

What did the US government change with Cuba travel?

Americans will no longer be able to take cruises that stop in Cuban ports.  That’s it.  We will continue our “Support of the Cuban people travel”.

What are the U.S. government-approved categories of travel to Cuba?

Here is the full list of U.S. government-approved travel categories:

  • Family Visits

  • Official Business for the US Government, Foreign Government, and Certain Intergovernmental Organizations

  • Journalism

  • Professional Research

  • Religious Activities

  • Public Performances

  • Support for the Cuban People

  • Educational Activities and People to People TravelHumanitarian Projects

  • Activities of Private Foundations for Research or Educational Institutes

  • Exportation, Importation or Transmission of Information or Informational Materials

  • Certain Export Transactions

Click here learn more about the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) latest regulations about American travel to Cuba.

“People-to-People” and “Support for the Cuban People”?

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The current “People-to-People” license was meant to allow organizations such as Camera Odysseys to sponsor group programs that engaged in a full-time schedule of educational, people-to-people interactions between regular Americans and Cubans. The “Support for the Cuban People” category similarly requires that American visitors must engage in a full-time schedule of activities that enhance contact with the Cuban people and that result in meaningful interactions with Cubans. One of the distinctions is that under the “Support for the Cuban People” license, these activities must support civil society in Cuba.  This is how we always have traveled to Cuba.

“Support for the Cuban People” has NOT been affected by the June 2019 policy changes and is how Camera Odysseys has always and will continue our learning through photography adventures in Cuba.  Nothing has changed with Camera Odysseys way of traveling to Cuba.

Why is Camera Odysseys able to take groups to Cuba?


We have been taking Americans to Cuba since 2010. We are allowed to do so with permission from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (a division of the United States Treasury Department), because we arrange activities that help support the Cuban people. Many travelers have supported only local Cubans and learned through our photographic adventures to Cuba.

Will I be able to arrange my own airfare to Cuba?

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Yes, Camera Odysseys will walk you through the process so you can do it on your own or connect you with our experienced travel agent who will handle everything from flights and visa.

Will I be able to bring back products from Cuba, such as cigars and rum?

The rules around bringing tobacco products and alcohol back to the United States from Cuba allow you to return to the U.S. with these items, as long as they are for personal consumption.

Is there a visa needed to travel to Cuba?

Yes, there is.  It can be bought at the last airport you travel from in the USA.  Camera Odysseys also will supply the visa for you ahead of time so you can carry it with your passport.

Should I be concerned about traveling to Cuba?

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No. The change in regulations are imposed by the US government and have nothing to do with the people of Cuba. Cuba was voted the safest tourist destination in the world in 2018.  It still is very safe.  As we only work with our Cuban friends, they make sure everything goes safely and you have the great Cuban Adventure.

Camera Odysseys offers opportunities to travel legally to Cuba under the new OFAC Regulations published June 5, 2019. Following the General License category “Support for the Cuban People,” Camera Odysseys programs include activities intended to strengthen civil society in Cuba. Each day's program promotes independence for the Cuban people and results in meaningful interactions with the Cuban people. We engage with the farmers, boxers, artist, dancers, restoration students and many other local Cubans to make their lives better.  Our photographs help them promote and improve their art and lives.


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Join us to capture the unforgettable image.