A century and a half ago photographers would spend years preparing expeditions to our remote destinations. We at Camera Odysseys are pleased to be able to visit them at will. That’s particularly exciting because, even though the trips are easier, our destinations are still much the same as they were when legendary pioneers of travel photography like Francis Firth, Samuel Bourne, Linnaeus Tripe and William Young visited them.

Bruce Byers on the streets of NYC

Bruce Byers on the streets of NYC

After decades of traveling the world...

Bruce Byers: Head photographer

Travel like a journalist, live like a native, shoot like a professional

...documenting cultures, societies, and individuals, making friends, founding Camera Voyages and taking advantage of extraordinary advances in photography, I decided to up the ante.

Camera Voyages was my first success teaching semi-pro and advanced amateur photographers to expand their comfort zones, and introducing them to my favorite adventures in foreign countries. Camera Odysseys goes a step further. My guides and I are choosing really exciting journeys where we will, for parts of the trips, offer you a chance to embed with real heroes: groups of doctors, aid workers, well-known local artists and performers, as well as professional photographers, and experienced guides. We’ll gain insights into countries that no mere visitor could expect to see, and we’ll be part photographer, part adventurer and part angel, helping to fund medical and aid missions, where we’ll have a lasting positive effect on each country we visit.

My previous trips at Camera Voyages were something to impress your friends on Instagram. Whereas, my Camera Odysseys trips are designed to make sure you’ll never see, or photograph, the world quite the same way again. I’m very excited about our upcoming trips, and I think you will be as well.

Fall of 2017 saw us embedded in a medical mission in Sri Lanka with


Bruce has a long history of giving back to Non-profits.  Join us on our up-coming trips to document what great doctors are doing to change children's lives.

Also, at Camera Odysseys, we want to know where you’d like to go and what you’d like to photograph. Before we can expand your comfort zone, I have to expand mine. I’d be happy and excited to consider your suggestions.

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GLENN BATKIN: Creative director, photographer  Joins the team.

An award winning creative director in advertising with over 25 years experience, Glenn believes photography grants him a passport to be a witness to life.  “A camera gives me the chance to meet new people. To sit and talk. Listen to their stories.  Laugh or cry with them. At times surprised by them…often moved by them." He received awards in Communication Arts Photo Annual for his work in Nigeria for VIRAL HOPE, an outreach program that collects unused antiretroviral medications to support the care of people in Nigeria who are HIV positive. And again for work with MOVING MOUNTAINS, a program that helps the helpless.

Glenn has documented numerous images on a road less traveled including: 

Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, Nigeria, Cape Town and India.

His images of Cuba are featured on Ecophiles.com